5 Tips For Improving Curb Appeal

  1. curbAppealSpruce up your landscaping: Keep your grass freshly cut, recently edged, and weeds pulled to attract the buyer from the moment they step out of their car. When potential buyers are looking at multiple houses these small tasks can make your house stand out from the curb!
  2. Change your exterior door: Try updating your door for a newer model or add a coat of paint and change the hardware to give your door a fresh look. Your front door is referred to as the centerpiece of the house. Let buyers fall in love with your house from the moment they enter.
  3. Add some paint: Wipe down your walls and trim and touch up the areas as needed. Neutralize your color pallet inside of your house to give everything a crisp, clean look.
  4. Stow away those unnecessary items: This goes for outside and much as it does inside. Try and depersonalize your house as much as possible. Let the buyers see the amount of open space you have! Keeping the extra things put away allows for buyers to envision themselves in your home. Focus on the “less is more” mentality!
  5. Get out the power washer: Power wash the siding, deck, railings and anything else that needs a good cleaning. This will help your home sparkle and look well maintained.