Cup o’ Joe Downtown Holland

Every once and a while, the coffee from the giant pot at work doesn’t cut it anymore and you want some freshly brewed coffee or espresso.

If you’re near Downtown Holland, you’re in luck! There are 3 great coffee shops each with a unique feel and an even more unique menu. I’ll do a quick breakdown of each here, but be sure to check all of them out to see where your little slice of paradise will be.


It’s a great local debate on how to say the name, but it’s not a debate on how good the coffee is. Lemonjellos is a very organic and sustainable business that puts their focus on composting and sustainable products. Their Coffee comes out of Mad Cap in GR and Halfwit Coffee Roasters in Chicago. They also bake special treats right in house and have many gluten free, vegan or organic options. Their staff is friendly and always willing to explain a drink or offer a suggestion. You often see lots of Students here from Hope College. This coffee shop is close to campus and has lots of great seating options for students looking to study. They also offer great incentives for those who buy one of their reusable mugs and bring it back. They’re always looking for ways to encourage sustainability and reducing waste. Unique thing: They have an outdoor patio for the summer months to enjoy your coffee outdoors. Check out their website.


JP’s is a popular place for people walking Downtown Holland to grab a quick caffeine refresher. It’s located right on 8th street in the middle of downtown so it’s a perfect meeting place. JP’s just underwent a makeover as well, so their interior has grown and gotten a whole new look. They also joined Ferris Coffee which gives the coffee shop lots more opportunities to grow as a business. They have an expansive menu, and lots of food and snack options in their cooler. JP’s has a large interior space for lots of seating and also has a little park right next door that you could enjoy your coffee in when the weather is warmer. Check out their website.


The 205 Coffee Bar:

205 is a newcomer in town that’s quickly becoming a local favorite. The menu offers some unique options and they’re always mixing up something new. They offer Nitro Coffee and draft Kombucha on tap. It’s located just off 8th Street which keeps the area around it a little quieter and easier to get access to. You’ll be able to spot the building by the big mural of white flowers on the side. There’s parking around back which is really handy for those who can’t walk downtown. The interior is very industrial but cozy and they often have Dutch treats to give out to those who order a drink. In the afternoon they begin serving lunch style sandwiches made fresh so you can stop by for a drink and a bite. Unique thing: During the warm months there are large garage door windows on the front of the building that open up the whole front of the building, making the whole coffee bar almost become an outdoor patio. Check out their website.