Design Trends for 2017

Thinking of Re-Modeling in 2017? Here are some top designs to keep in mind.

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  • Open Concept! This has been a large trend in home design over the last few years so if you’re looking to add value to your home, think about opening up your main living space.
  • Tuxedo Cabinets. It’s a little on the trendy side, but two toned cabinets are in. The really daring can go traditional tuxedo with black and white or you can soften the effect and try other complimentary colors like gray and white.
  • Smart Home Upgrades: There are all kinds of products out there for a technology friendly home. There are LED light bulbs that you can adjust from your phone (you can even pick what color the light is) and even door locks that you can connect to your smartphone. Although some of these technology upgrades can be a little much, try something like the Nest Thermostat! You can adjust your home’s temperature right from your phone. When you’re away from the house you can click a button and your home will go into ‘energy saver’ mode, and when you’re on your way back you can turn the heat up again.
  • Combine stark whites with linen whites. This one is a little bit more challenging to pull off so I would definitely suggest looking through lots of Pintrest photos before plunging in, but the pay-off is beautiful. Try matching stark white walls and furniture with more natural off-white linens and accents. It brightens a room without making it feel overly clinical.
  • Tall Cabinets. It’s become a trend recently to put taller cabinets in your kitchens as the look makes the room appear visually taller. If you’re thinking about replacing cabinetry, opt for longer looks!
  • Contrasting Islands: Thinking about putting in an island in your kitchen? Try an island that compliments your kitchen as opposed to one that is the same as your cabinets.

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