Get Fit and Stay Healthy

Summer is a great time to get active!

While the summer sun is giving you energy (and you’re wearing a little bit less clothing,) now is a great time to start (or revamp) your exercise regimen.
I thought I would write up a list of some places to go work out in the area.




Funky Buddha Yoga: $109 a month ($39 for first unlimited month)

Funky Buddha is for those hoping to sweat, a lot. The yoga here is hot (literally!) The room that classes are taught in is over 90 degrees. This is Vinyasa style yoga and focuses a lot on breathing and your core. The great part is you get some quiet time to meditate at the end of each class. They have great deals for beginners so you can try out the studio before you commit. If you’re lucky you’ll hit a mega deal, there are some where you get a nice new yoga mat or some yoga gear if you come every day for 30 days. Bonus: There’s 3 locations so if you work in Grand Rapids or near Forest hills you could have a location closer to you than the Holland location. Check out their website.

MVP Athletic Club: Lots of different pricing options (3 day experience pass for newbies)

MVP offers a wide range of things for all types of gym goers. There are cardio and conditioning classes, yoga classes, swimming classes, private training options, and an open gym. There are cardio machines, weight machines, a track, a turf training area and a pool. This place even has child care if you want to drop your kids off while you work out! They have sport options and even an outdoor aquatic playground and pool for the summer. This place has almost everything you could need. They have certified trainers on hand all the time to help you plan your fitness journey. If you want a diverse work out space, this is the place for you as the options are practically endless. Check out their website.

Holland Fit Body Bootcamp: $167 a month (3 day free trial for new members)

These high energy and high fat burning classes are set up similar to a personal training session. The group classes are fun, supportive and intense. The classes run about 30 minutes each so it’s easy to quickly get your sweat on and then get going with your day. Check out their website for more info.

Girlfriends Fit Club: (Prices not listed online.)

Girlfriends Fit Club is a great work out facility that’s just for women. This can be helpful to those just starting out their fitness journey and may be intimidated by the large men lifting weights in gyms. Girlfriends fit club is also a great community of women looking to support each other and they don’t stop at just fitness! They focus their workout classes in yoga, cardio and pilates/toning classes. Their classes have ranges with some being intense workouts and some being focused more on all around wellness. There are also personal training options as well. They also have child care here so that while you’re working out, the kids are also having fun. They also have a great cardio area if you’re looking to work out on your own as well as a track for running. There’s a locker room and everything right in the facility. The bonus: if you sign up with 4 other women you can get a discounted membership price. Check out their website for more info.

Pure Barre: $195 for unlimited month, $99 for your first one or your first week free

Pure Barre just came to Holland! Pure Barre is similar to a pilates that focuses on toning and conditioning certain areas of the body. The classes run 55 minutes and are structured the same, although exercises are always changing. The classes are a great way to hit problem areas without causing joint damage. Pure barre is low impact workout with high results. They also work with breathing and head space similar to a yoga class. They have a wide range of class times and membership options. Visit their website for more info. They even have a beginners guide to classes.

Crossfit Lake Effect: Unlimited $125

All Crossfit gyms have the focus of functional fitness and community. You can train here like an athlete, no matter what skill level you have. Classes are an hour long and contain a similar structure everyday, with the specific movements always changing. You can always ask for help and directions or even have personal training sessions. You can try your first class free! Check our their website.

Crossfit Holland: (Full prices not listed online)

Similar to Crossfit Lake Effect, Crossfit Holland focuses on functional moves and working together. The classes vary every day but are always working to make you all around healthier and making sure you can use what you learn in the gym, out in the world. Check out their website to learn more.

Iron Lab Fitness: (Specific rates not offered online.)

Besides having a really great location (inside Baker Lofts,) Iron Lab also has a great varied program for people at all levels. Here you can have a personal trainer or join group classes. They have classes focused in weight loss and classes based in strength training. The fitness center part of Iron Lab is open 24/7, while the staff is only there during pretty regular gym hours. You even get access to a whirlpool and a sauna with membership. Iron Lab also offers child care. $5 for a day pass if you just want to try it out. Check out their website for more info.

PKSA Karate: (Prices not listed online)

PKSA is perfect for those looking for a martial arts based fitness work out. You can train in traditional karate or take their fitness classes that are more relaxed (but still challenging) training. Here they also offer self defense training for those looking for an opportunity for that kind of class. You can get a free session to find out if this kind of fitness will work for you. Check out their website to learn more.

Pilates in Holland: (One class a week $195- 3 classes a week $495)

Pilates is low impact and high intensity training to help keep your body healthy and happy. Working out with pilates increases bone density and will help train your whole body. They have group equipment classes which is a multiple week commitment with very small class sizes (average 4 people per class) where you use large pilates machine to really work your body. Prices for these programs vary. There are also mat and barre classes every week that you can join any time. All classes are 50 minutes long. Check out their website to learn more.

Zeeland Recreation: ($30 a month for the gym and an extra $30 per 10 fitness classes)

Zeeland Rec has a free gym set up as well as some sessions of group classes. You can have a gym membership, or just sign up for individual group classes. You can drop into fitness classes for just $4. Zeeland Rec also has lap swimming and open pool areas as well as family memberships that give you and your kids access to the pool as well. (While you’re at it, they also have lots of camps and club sports for kids so check out how you can get your kids active.) Check out their website to learn more.

Holland Community Aquatic Center: ($286 for a year (Holland residents, $398 for non residents.)

At the Aquatic Center in Holland you have the option to use their fitness room and swim laps in their pool. They also have swim lessons for those looking to learn to swim. They have group land and water classes as well as access to a therapy pool. The aquatic center also has Ready Steady Boxing West Michigan Classes, a fitness therapy specifically developed to help people control their Parkinson’s through non-contact boxing fitness. Check out their website to learn more.

Planet Fitness Holland: ($10 a month, $19.99 for premium)

Planet Fitness is a large gym where you can work out on your own in a Judgement Free Zone. A great perk is that the gym is open 24/7. With the premium “black membership” you also get access to tanning booths, hydromassage chairs, access to any planet fitness anywhere and tons of other perks. To find out more check out their website.

Snap Fitness: ($39.95 a month + one time access and program fee of $74)

Snap Fitness is another great 24/7 open gym option. There are options for personal training and group classes if you would like to pursue a more guided training program. You can get a 7 day free trial if you want to try out the facilities. Check out their website to learn more.



This is not a complete list! There are so many fitness places/areas for activity. These are just some places to start.