Home Decor DIY’s: Mirrors

DIY Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to add dimension and visual depth to a smaller space. Trendy mirrors can be an investment, but they can also be a fun reason for a DIY.

Mirrors bring light and space into rooms and are a very hot interior decoration item right now. Here are a few examples of mirrors you can make yourself and add another element to your home.

Plywood Mirror

Photo from themerrythought.com

This mirror is a great idea for an entryway or a bedroom as it gives you a chance to glimpse your whole outfit or get ready. The little shelves on the side can be adjusted to your specific needs. The supplies needed for this are minimal, all you need is plywood, a mirror, and mirror clips! (As well as a tape measurer and a few other tools to help along the way.) Click here for full instructions.



Flower Framed Mirror

Photo from Industry Standard Design

This natural mirror style is the easiest kind of mirror to make. It also doesn’t have to include flowers! You could use other natural looking items like faux leaves, stones, pinecones or even seasonal items like pine branches and holly. It really only takes a mirror, some glue and whatever items you plan to glue on your mirror. Click here for a more detailed tutorial.



Gold Flake Mirror

Photo from Musings on Momentum

This tutorial is another easy way to add some glamour to your home. All you need is gold or silver leaf sheets, a mirror and glue! These mirrors are often sold for tons of money online, but you can get the same look without breaking the bank with supplies from a craft store. Click here for detailed instructions.


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