House Plants + Air Purifiers!

Picture from @grjmn51 || Instagram

Use Plants to clear the air in your home! 

Especially in these winter months, it can feel like the air in your home is not pure at all. To help yourself breathe a little easier, add these plants to your home.

1: Peace Lilys

2: Rubber Plant (It’s an plant from South Asia, not an actual rubber plant.)

3. English Ivy (pictured at the top)

4: Snake Plant

5: Bamboo Palm

6: Aloe Vera

7: Dumb Cane

8: Heartleaf Philodendron

9: Spider Plant

10: Cornstalk dracaena

11: Chinese Evergreen

12: Money Bonsai

13: Devils Ivy

14: Boston Fern

15: Weeping Fig

All of these plants will add cleaner air to your home, and make your space feel a little more natural. Some of the plants can even be ordered on Amazon for convenience!

Not all of the plants are pet friendly! Visit this article from Buzzfeed that was the inspiration to get more details on each plant!