iPad Uses

ipadmini4Are you trying to decide if purchasing an iPad is something that you want to do? You may
be surprised with the capability of these handheld devices and all they can do. For most of us who own an iPad, we may not even be aware of all the tips & tricks that it holds.

Best iPad Uses & Tips:

Travel Uses: Did you know that you can use your iPad to make international phone calls, video calls and send imessages from apple to apple device? All you have to do is turn on airplane mode & wifi and you will be safe to communicate without having to worry about international fees.

Creating Folders: Folders help you easily organize your apps based off of their capabilities. All you have to do is hold down on an app, the rest of the apps will start to shake, one this occurs move the app that your finger is on and place it onto of another app. Once you do this, a folder will be created! (Same functionality as iPhone)

It’s Okay to Reboot: Unlike most computers and electronic devices, whenever you are having a problem with your iPad running slow, closing out of an app, or not working properly, just reboot it. Make sure to completely shut it down and then start it back up once it completely turns off.

Evernote: This is my personal favorite note taking & to-do list app. It can sync directly with all your apple devices thru the cloud. It allows you to add text and pictures within a document. It is a great user-friendly app that will help keep your notes organized.

Battery Life: The iPad will last an average of 10 hours per complete charge. This time can be increased by turning down the brightness of the device and by closing apps that you are no longer using. To close an app, double tap on your home button and slide the app up.