Sometimes even great homes remain on the market for too long, and their owners lose their money along with potential buyers every single day.

Whether the clients don’t find certain homes suitable for their families, or they think that there’s too much remodeling work that house needs, or they just don’t find that the house’s value meets the price the owner requires, it’s often the lack of minor polishing and outstanding presentation that makes the house hang on the market for too long.

As it’s the house condition that will definitely help you win the competition on the modern real estate market, there’re a few things those who want to sell their properties faster without lowering the price may do to make their house/apartment look more appealing, boost its value and find the buyer who’s ready to say the final yes to the house sooner.

Inexpensive home improvements to boost the value of your house and sell it faster

  1. As they say, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Thus, the first thing you need to do to make your home presentable and let the prospective buyers see its true beauty is to organize and declutter. If you’re too busy to conduct a throughout pre-selling cleaning, book the visit of professional house cleaners from HireRush.com. Clean and polished spaces were all things are put in order appear to be more attractive and spacious, which is one of the top house selling point you need to achieve.
  2. Let the customer understand what he’s paying for. Pack away the things that may distract the buyers from the actual home and question its value. Those could be kids toys scattered around the living room, ruined furniture you’ll have to get rid of anyway, your granny’s area rugs that look a bit too shabby and outdated, things piled up on the kitchen counters, etc.
  3.  Examine your house for the needed maintenance repairs (chipping paint on baseboards and windows, holes in carpet, faulty light switches, creaking doors, and leaky faucets). The meticulous eye of a home buyer will notice the flaws you’ve gotten used to and use them as the reasons to ask for a price reduction or withdraw from the purchase of your home. As an owner, who’s interested in selling his house at the best price possible and within the certain deadlines, you need to ask a handyman to get them fixed before you first open your house.
  4.  Rearrange your furniture and let more natural lights into the house to make the rooms in it feel larger. It’s a common trick real estate agents use to make the buyers believe that the house is actually bigger than it really is.
  5.  Everything looks more attractive in a great lighting. Make sure that the light fixtures are all working and ask an electrician to upgrade your lights with the bright LED bulbs to improve your lighting game and use the energy efficiency as one of the additional selling advantages.
  6. As a perfect spacious kitchen is the first thing most home buyers look for when choosing a new house, you need to make everything in your kitchen look immaculate. Paint the cabinets if they look a little bit worn out, replace outdated handles, install new countertops to add the value to the home, clean or reinstall the backsplash and clean the appliances to turn your kitchen into everything the client may wish for at this price point.
  7.  Renew the look of your floors. Get your carpets steam-cleaned to freshen up their color and texture. If you have scratched hardwood floors, hire a flooring contractor to get them refinished, as natural high-quality hardwood floors kept in a great condition boost the value of the house and make it look a lot more appealing.
  8. Make the house smell nice. Eliminate the causes of bad odors (clogged drains, dirty garbage bins, cigarette smells) by cleaning out the areas they originate from and allure the potential buyers with the smells of the fragrant candles, freshly baked cookies and coffee.
  9. Take care of the landscape. During the time your home is opened for the potential buyer’s to visit, make sure that your lawn is kept mowed, the leaves are raked, the flower beds are looking prettier than ever and the bushes are trimmed. Paint the fence and decorate the front porch to make your home more appealing and inviting from the outside.
  10. If there’re any issues with plumbing, water heater, A/C and heating system operation, get a plumber or a HVAC contractor look into those and remove potential price reduction causes.

Written by Helen Sheplyakova