Parks in Holland

Did you know that in the City of Holland there are 22 parks and green spaces?

There are so many different types of outdoors spaces that you’ll have to start now to enjoy them all fully! While the warm days are coming to a close, now is the time to start planning picnics and watch some sunsets in the beautiful outdoor spaces Holland has to offer.

Of the 22 parks, 15 of them are pet friendly for those of us looking to enjoy the outdoors with our furry friends. The best part of all these parks is that most of them are within a 10 minute walk from another park. You could spend a day walking around the city and checking out every park space.

Check out Holland City’s website to see a list and description of all the parks!



Also look at this video of Kollen Park! A large park with lots of different spaces to enjoy. Be sure to check it out.