Top 10 Moments from NYC

NYC-pic-300x22510. Bags, bags, bags, everywhere BAGS! Curbside garbage piles up quickly over the week.

9. Garbage trucks have two city duties: pick-up garbage & push snow. Oh and then… the snow gets dumped into a metal square snow melting machine to get rid of it.

8. Can’t sleep? Clothing stores are open in Time Square until 2am.

7. Headphones are a must to cancel out the chaos on the subway.

6. Central Park is the quietest place in the city.

5. Never a shortage of black Uber SUV’s. And Uber drivers don’t honk at other drivers.

4. The mascots in Time Square are quite forward.

3. Only people willing to risk their lives ride bikes in the city.

2. One real estate transaction in NYC is more than a lot of people make in one year.

1. It takes 3 tries to figure out what direction you need to go on the subway.