Why Staging Works

stagingAccording to stagingdiva.com people shop with logic and buy with emotion. Depending on the type of market that you are in, homes either having multiple offers or they are requiring the seller to put a lot of work into making their home ready. A house is your single largest investment. We will always get our cars detailed before we sell them, so why wouldn’t we choose to get our home “detailed” before we sell it? I give honest feedback and have a couple great contacts for staging your home.

Home staging helps create the “dream home” environment for buyers so they don’t have to try and imagine what your house would look like if it wasn’t so cluttered or if the walls were painted a neutral color. It allows buyers to immediately fall in love with your house and say, “this is home”. When you live somewhere for a period of time it is easy to get use to having a cluttered room or having a few lights out. A home stager is able to come in with a third party perspective and help you see things that you never would have noticed before. They will go beyond cleaning & de-cluttering and help you with decorating, rearranging furniture and accessorize. You’ll probably see your furniture arranged in a way that you never thought of before.


Overall, home staging is a small investment that will help your home sell quicker and help you get a higher return rate for your home when you decide to sell.